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January 20, 2012

Nokia X marks the spot

A couple of video reviews for you to feast your eyes on now, looking at the X1-01 and the X7 – two very different phones and two different ways of looking at them.

via TechPinas

Starting with the Dual SIM X1-01 and the video from motormotor22

Now you may have noticed that there’s no description on the video, but it’s a great look round the hardware, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll provide your own voiceover. Mine started like this:

‘Well that’s either a very small box, or this guy’s hands are huge!’

It got more sensible from there, don’t worry. Having never had the chance to play with an X1-01, it was a chance to have a proper look at what I’ve been missing. In fact, why don’t I do a (truncated) commentary right here?

  • 0:26 ‘It’s out of the box, and I have to say, looks dinky and compact’

  • 0:42 ‘Removing the back cover reveals the dual SIM trays – I’d really quite like to try this feature…work and personal SIMs instead of having to switch the two’

  • 0:54 ‘This is where I say ‘Also in the box is the usual stuff that no one ever reads’ – well you *should* read it!’

  • 1:50 ‘Getting the SIMs in’

  • 2:16 ‘Let’s power this baby up’

  • 2:21 ‘That was quick!’

  • 2:48 ‘SIM switch’

  • 3:22 ‘A light!’

Well, that was fun. My first ever unboxing commentary.

To spare you from any more such silliness, how about a different kind of video? TheGaboca13 has shared a few seconds of a Nokia X7 camera footage.

Have you had an X1-01 or X7 in your hands? What do you think? We always want to hear your opinions @Nokia_Connects