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GLOBAL – With the ever increasing popularity of cameraphones, people are finding that these are often the best way to capture the world around them. Unlike a dedicated camera, a cameraphone fits in the pocket, it’s with you 24/7 and sometimes takes a better photo than an actual camera. Also the ability to share these images to online services right from the camera is only possible from a phone. Here’s three Symbian apps that’ll make editing and sharing those images, easier and more fun.

Molome, £Free

Once you’ve decided what you want to take a photo of, you can do one of two things. Take a photo using your phone’s standard camera interface and pull it from the gallery within the app, or open up the app to take the shot. Either way, you’ll end up at the photo edit section which is where you can add special effects such as: Parlo; vivid; vintage; or pastela. All of these effects bring something different to the photo that give it a unique look.

Molome photo taking

Molome photo filtering

Once you’ve found the perfect filter for your photo, you can add a caption and then upload it it Facebook or Twitter – or both. You also share this with the Molome community who can give you some “love” and leave comments, too.

HDR Photo Camera, £4.00

Creating High Dynamic Range images can transform a normal looking photo into a vibrant, colourful one, giving a professional look.

By capturing three successive images at three different exposure levels, the photos will have absorbed light and colours from a much wider range then they usually do. Then, by using the exposure fusion technique, will overlay all three images to give you one image, full of colour.

3D Photo Camera, £1.50

When taking 3D photos, the Hollywood legends use expensive camera set-ups that have multiple lenses in order to capture every little bit of detail. Well, we’re not saying you don’t need all of that, but 3D Photo Camera makes it all easier, and cheaper.

Find your subject and take the first photo. In order to make it 3D, you’ll need to take a second photo at a slightly different angle. When it comes to saving your images, there’s a few different formats you can use: stereogram; colour; and black and white anaglyph.

3D photo

Here’s one I prepared earlier. However, I’ve not got the red/cyan anaglyph glasses needed to see if it works. Does it? If you’ve got the glasses let me know.

Have you used any of these apps? We’d like to hear if you enjoy them, or not.

Image credit: mark sebastian