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January 21, 2012

Inside the Nokia Lumia 710 – thoughts and reactions

Since CES, the Nokia Lumia 710 is now in the hands of many more people around the world. So we thought we’d share what people have been saying about it.

via Ubergizmo

In this unboxing video from Techno Buffalo, Noah Kravitz takes us through the set-up process, reviews the hardware and specs including the 3.7” ClearBlack LCD Display and 5 MP camera. He demonstrates some of the pre-installed apps including ESPN, Netflix and Slacker Radio along with the ‘50,000+ apps in the Windows Marketplace’.

Over at My Nokia Blog, Jay had this to say about the Lumia 710,

‘beautifully conceived, purposely designed, beautiful smartphone. And budget friendly.’

The 710 includes the same Nokia Drive and Nokia Music available on the Nokia 800 and comes in Stealthy Black and Crisp White, with a replaceable cover and since the Lumia 900 announcement at CES, the 710 has been getting a lot of buzz. If you cannot get your hands on the 900, consider the 710 – a great option for those who may have not been able to afford a smartphone before.

Mark Guim shared his take on the 710 on The Nokia Blog saying

‘I think the price will be very enticing for first time smartphone buyers that are current T-Mobile subscribers. A good example would be my mom. She currently has a phone she only uses for phone calls. For 2012, when she’s up for upgrade, she wants a device she can use to check emails on the go. While I could recommend an Android device, I strongly believe she’ll have an easier time with Windows Phone. I’ll be recommending the Nokia Lumia 710.’

So what do you think of the Lumia 710? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Nokia_Connects