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January 23, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #3

It’s that time again, Monday morning, when crawling out of bed seems just that little bit harder than it does on a Thursday, and lunchtime seems an age away – well don’t worry, I’ve been a busy squirrel, putting away things that have made me smile over the last week, and now it’s time to share them.

via Gizmodo

This six foot tall Stormtrooper Cake made me smile. That is all.


Well I really wanted to end it there, but someone said this post has to be more than just a picture of a cake. Don’t get it myself…

First of the ‘best of the rest’ is this video that made me smile from Madeline. 2011 one second at a time. There are a lot of mirror shots and landing planes, but there are some quite breathtaking moments (look out for the arched door, shoes on a wire and the October sunsets). It really is wonderfully beautiful:

Having watched that, tell me that you don’t wish that you’d thought of that as a project.


SOPA does not make me smile. But this video did. LaughPong took the seminal Don McLean track American Pie (which in my opinion was brutalised by a cover version in the year 2000 – you know the one I mean) and have given it a modern twist.

Still smiling, and it’s been a few days since I first watched that. Poor LOLcats.


This guy made me smile. He only owns 39 items. In the whole world. I have more things than that on my desk (see below)!

It must take some *serious* dedication to only own 39 items. Andrew started out with only 15, but some wore out, some weren’t practical, and he needed some cowboy shirts and a hat last summer for volunteering. So that added four pieces to the list. But as he says

‘When we were growing up, didn’t we all have the goal of a huge house full of things? I found a far more quality life by rejecting things as a gauge of success.’

Quite a powerful mantra. Think about that, then compare Andrew’s entire worldly goods to a section of my desk:

via Andrew’s site

via My Desk


And finally (as someone once said), back to the Dark Side. Bookending this post quite nicely – we all like a bit of symmetry – another Star Wars-influenced piece of news that made me smile. It’s a video and it kind of makes no sense until the last few seconds. I can see this design on a t-shirt and it selling extremely well.

Darth as the Madonna…ties in nicely with that butchered cover song I mentioned earlier…

So what made you smile last week? Want something included in next week’s #MakeMeSmileMonday? Let us know by pinging us @Nokia_Connects