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GLOBAL – Mobile phones have become the centre of our lives, storing all our photos, videos, podcasts and music. Losing any of these is inconvenient at best, devastating at worst, like losing a picture of someone that can never be retaken. That’s why it’s vital you have a way of backing them up. That’s where wireless syncing comes in. And  all of the hard work is done for you, automatically and regularly, without you having to give it a second thought.

Download Zune

In order to start your syncing process, you’ll need to download Zune on to your PC and install it. At this point, it’s important to have WiFi activated on both your phone and your computer as Zune uses this same connection to sync your information.

Once Zune is loaded up on your PC, you’ll need to connect your Nokia Lumia phone to it using a micro USB cable. You’ll only need to do this once so that Zune can pair your phone, after that, it’s all wireless. Load up Zune and look for the settings text at the top right of the screen.

Zune homescreen

By navigating through the different settings section, under the phone section you’ll find the ability to set up wireless sync.

Wireless sync set up

Because Zune is connected to your phone – and your phone is connected to your WiFi access point – it reads the access point your connected to and asks if this is correct. If it is, hit the set up wireless sync button. Otherwise press the refresh button to search again.

Connected phone

The next screen will ask you to confirm the WiFi access point your phone is connected to. This is just to make sure that the phone and PC are connecting through the same network and that no errors have occurred. Select next.


The set up is complete. You will be notified that in order to sync wirelessly and automatically, your Nokia Lumia 710 or Nokia Lumia 800 must be within range and plugged in for ten minutes. This is a precautionary measure as you wouldn’t want your phone to run out of power half way through a sync, you might lose valuable data.

Sync enabled

Syncing regularly will mean that you’ll always have a back up of your phone’s media content. And having it performed automatically – without you having to do anything – means you’ll never lose anything again.

Do you automatically sync, wirelessly? Let us know, below.