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January 25, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710: speed of social

How far back can you remember? I’m hoping you can at least go back one week, to where Joe introduced a few videos we made at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas. If not, just have a coffee and re-cap on what’s going on. Once you’ve done that I will begin…

speed bugs; Falcon 50
via global-jet

Soooo… here is the next video we have to share, in the form of this terrifying (or awesome, it really depends on how ‘hardcore’ you are) zip-line, somewhere in the desert of Nevada.

If you strap one human with a Lumia 710, let’s say, Jimmy, into a zip-line and ask him to send a photograph to another human, let’s say, Juan, would the photograph arrive on Juan’s phone before Jimmy reaches the end of the line? This isn’t one of those ‘if a train is travelling at whatever MPH, how long will it take to reach…’ questions, this is something that actually happened so stop speculating and press play to find out.

Pretty neat if I do say so myself. I would have loved a go, even if I am scared of heights, deserts, speed and being suspended on a cable. Anyway, I guess this proves how fast social is on the Lumia 710; faster than Jimmy on a zip-line! I hope that turn of phrase catches on.

We’ve got some helicopter action from CES coming tomorrow. Let me know what you think about the speed of social on the 710 in the comments section or shout at me on Twitter.