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January 26, 2012

Future Tech – clear screens coming soon?

Today in Future Tech I’m going to take a look at where mobile phones (specifically the screens) could be headed in the future coming years – it could be fact, it could be fiction…only time will tell.

via Amazing Earths

Will my phone *ever* look like this? I’d like to think yes, and that it won’t be long before it does. Why? Just look at it. Thing. Of. Beauty. And thanks to the developments in the strength of glass screens such as the new Gorilla Glass 2, I don’t think it’s too fanciful to think that this could be sliding into a pocket/purse in the near future.

Digging back in my memory banks, I thought that I had seen something similar before….and it turns out I had. This concept has been around since 2008


So the clear screen concept has been around for a while, but now maybe tech is catching up to make them possible. So how did Mac Funamizu think four years ago that a clear screen like the one above would be the future? Well Brian David Johnson has that very task, as he reveals in an interview with IT Business Net. He’s a futurologist, and looks at social trends, anthropology and the possibility of where tech can be taken, and predicts what will be in stores in five years. He has this to say about what he sees coming:

‘it really isn’t one device that will rule them all; it’s whatever device people have handy. People really like choice. People will watch…a big blockbuster movie, on their big-screen TV at home, but if they happen to be stuck in an airport or on a bus, they will watch it on their smartphone. If you’ve got that type of power on those small screens, it allows computation to fit much more elegantly into people’s lives.’

And as if the two concepts above weren’t enough, how’s about another?

via Techie Cop

You know what? Enough people seem to feel that transparent screens are the future, and who am I to argue? Let’s see what the next 5 years holds, and maybe in 2017 you’ll be linking to this post (from your clear-screened Nokia, of course).

So where do you see our mobile phones in 5 years? Next week we’ll be mocking up our own concept phone, and we’d love to include your ideas. We’ll choose the best ideas for each aspect (screen, keypad etc.) from the comments below and share the results next week (maybe mixed in with some ideas of my own, we’ll see). So get thinking, and let us know…