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January 26, 2012

Lumia 800: Dubai snapshot with Nirave

Today we have a small introduction and preliminary update of Nirave’s very own Amazing Everyday Activity. This is something he’s decided to do and share on his own, during his holidays. We give credit where credit is due so let’s get this spotlight turned on and show you what’s happening.

You see that picture there? That was taken with a Lumia 800 in Dubai, where Nirave is taking his holiday underneath the scorching middle eastern sun. A great contrast to those of us stuck in colder climates such as Finland, who might be experiencing weather more like this…

View from Nokia House last Thursday

*Shudder* A big thank you to Nirave then, for sharing these bright images of such a stunning country and putting shine on our gloomy days. Don’t know about you but this has made my day just a little bit more ¬†amazing!

No doubt there will be more to come in the near future so let’s a) thank Nirave for sharing and b) suggest some cool things for him to do and take pictures and videos of while he’s there! Feel free to yell your suggestion at us on Twitter as well.