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January 26, 2012

Nokia accessories – music to your ears

A look now at some of the various ways in which you can harness the power of your Nokia to listen to music, play your tunes or mash up your beats (depending on how old you are).

via Cell Phones News

Ed at The Nokia Mobile Blog has got himself a Nokia Play 360 speaker, and has posted a video review and some written thoughts in which he reveals all there is to know about the music maker. First revelation is that the sound actually comes out of the top of the speaker, not the aluminium sides with the holes. Who knew? So, watch the video, and I’ll bring you some words in a few minutes when you’re done…

via NokiaMobileBlog

‘The Play 360 is beautiful. Its design is amazing – it feels solid and well built…But what most impresses about the Play 360 is the depth and quality of the sound it produces.’

Edward likes it. He likes it a lot.

There’s more. There’s another video, highlighted by Pradeep over at WMPoweruser who shares a video showing all of the latest releases from Nokia in all their technicolour glory. How many can you spot?

His colleague Surur has posted a music video, appropriately, by Mr. Tinchy Stryder featuring Ms. Pixie Lott in which Nokia’s Purity HD Stereo headphones make a guest appearance. I wouldn’t normally share a music video here, but it’s really rather good.

via WMPoweruser

How do you listen to your music on your Nokia? Wired headphones? Bluetooth headset? Speakers? Let us know, and share your thoughts on the lastest batch of accessories as highlighted above (leave a comment, send a tweet to @Nokia_Connects, or write us a tune and I’ll listen to it on my BH-905i’s)