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Nokia Lumia 900 4G speed

GLOBAL – Last week we asked you to participate in a poll to determine how you would use 4G, if you had it on your phone and your network operator supported it, that is. With download speeds reaching up to 100Mbps, there’s lots you can do with it. But how did you decide you’d use these super-speeds? Let’s have a look at the results to find out.

Poll results: How would you use 4G?

Reaching a score of nearly 35 per cent, it seems that most people would prefer to be able browse the Internet at a much quicker rate. So no lagging times when navigating between pages.

With a score of 20 per cent, the downloading and/or streaming of movies is very appealing to some. With 4G speeds, you could select a movie to watch and it would play straight away, with no buffering.

A better video-calling experience made it to third place, with just under 14 per cent. If the data transfer speeds were increased, you’d be able to push through images of a higher megapixel, where ever you are without having to be tied to a WiFi hotspot. It’ll almost be like you’re there in person.

With the speeds of 4G reaching anywhere up to 100Mbps, this will exceed many people’s Internet connection at home on their computer. Therefore, you could connect your phone to your PC and receive faster download speeds. That’s unheard of. If this were to happen, it would be really throw a spanner in the works and the home broadband companies would have to up their game.

The other option was relatively low, receiving just over 1 per cent of the votes, with results such as: all of the above; switch the phone off to save battery; and avoid 4G all together as not to incur data charges.

Do you agree with the results? Or could you see 4G being used for something else entirely? Let us know, below.