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GLOBAL – This one appeared earlier this month on games publisher EA’s YouTube channel. So what new games franchises can you look forward to appearing on your Windows Phone in the near future?

The video reveals some of the answers. We spotted:

Mirror’s Edge – award winning Parkour sim with a futuristic spy thriller plot.

Real Racing 2 – hit racing sim pits you over 40 miles in 30 officially licensed cars.

Sims Medieval – The Sims meets Fable in genre-crossing adventures.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour – Go golfing with the Pros in this leading simulation.

Monopoly – no need for an introduction to the classic property-baron board game.

Spy Mouse – a new one to us, it’s a portable puzzler with a flight control vibe.

Yahtzee – it’s poker but with dice. Good one for a train trip or the back seat of the car.

The Game of Life – another family board game; and an unknown quantity here. Opinions?

Vampire Rush Рan combination of tower defence and survival horror. 

Parking Mania – never played this one. Looks suspiciously like a parking simulation. Hope there is something we’re missing here…

Picnic Wars – an evolution of the ‘annoyed avians’ formula – this time featuring vicious veggies.

 Which ones are you looking forward to playing the most?