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pocket devastation

ESPOO, Finland – We haven’t failed to notice that one of the older children of the Nokia family has recently risen back from the dead. The Nokia 3310, introduced in 2000, has started popping up all over the Internet. The phone has gained a cult of ambassadors, who have ultimate faith in its indestructible nature.

do not try this at home

The Nokia 3310 fans are making jokes that poke fun at the durability and heavy weight of the phone. One joke claims that if you drop an iPhone on the floor, you’ll break the screen, but if you drop the Nokia 3310, you’ll break the floor. Another reference claims the phone “could only be destroyed in the fires of Mordor” (the volcano from Lord of the Rings).

The one phone

Photoshop wizards have been busy attaching the 3310 to Chuck Norris’ boots and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biceps. One photo poses the question “What if all the new Nokia memes are sponsored posts?” At this point we need to point out that they are not. While some of the 3310 pictures circulating on the Internet are wickedly funny, others are slightly disturbed and not exactly in sync with the company’s ethical values. But that’s how it goes with the Internet – you can’t control it!

Nokia 3310 was hugely popular in its heyday, so it’s no wonder people still remember it fondly. Wikipedia tells us that if all the Nokia 3310/3330 phones sold were laid end-to-end, the line would stretch from Helsinki, Finland to Santiago, Chile – over 13,500 kilometers.

Honest - they're not!

Did any of our readers ever own a Nokia 3310? Which ones of these are your favourites?