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January 27, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 – 'Kudos to the design team'

A couple of Nokia Lumia 800 reviews have come to my attention this week, and I definitely think you guys should take a look at them.

My colleague PaulC told me that he’d sent a Nokia Lumia 800 to Finland for Timo Vasara, and to keep my eyes open for his thoughts. So I did.

He didn’t disappoint, and has posted what he thinks about the phone on his N9 Suomi pages. He reckons the phone isn’t without fault and highlights the reliance on Zune, the relatively small memory and a narrow keyboard as points he thinks have room for improvement. But he concentrates on the positive aspects, such as the design, the social aspect and the pre-installed apps such as Nokia Drive.

He also – and you may have guessed this from his blog’s title – has an N9, and his comparisons to that phone are enlightening. He says the Windows phone has better social tools, more apps and benefits from a physical camera button. The N9 has NFC and a better keyboard.

Harwin John Pajares also has a Nokia Lumia 800, see he’s even taken pics of it:

He has plenty to say about the phone

‘When I turned on the Phone it amazed me instantly. I don’t know why. I guess that’s why the marketing campaign of Nokia for the Lumia 800 is “Amazing Everyday”. It will really amaze you everyday. :)’

‘I can definitely say that Nokia are back in the game. They have chosen the right platform and they work perfectly’

‘The Metro UI has is one of the things I don’t like on the Windows Phone…but when I tried the Lumia, it somehow changed my view of it. It’s amazing. Now I can say that it is the best layout that I’ve ever experienced…Live tiles are much better compared to icons.’

There’s more to read, so I urge you to go take a look.

Have you had a chance to play with or use the Nokia Lumia 800? Do you agree with Timo and Harwin John? Let them know by leaving them a comment, or share your thoughts with everyone by leaving us one. Or tweet us @Nokia_Connects.