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January 28, 2012

Nokia Belle walkthrough videos

It’s rolling out soon to phones like the Nokia N8 and E7, so what should you expect from Nokia Belle?

via our friends at Nokia Conversations

We all know that some phones already run the Nokia Belle OS, so for some ideas of what is coming, I turned to some videos that have been put up in the last couple of days to see what’s what.

Igor walks us through many aspects of Nokia Belle on the Nokia C7-00, from adding and removing widgets and icons to streaming music to the camera menu. It’s all covered, without commentary (more than made up for by the soundtrack – sounding excellent through my BH-905i’s), but you can clearly see what’s happening on screen.

I also found a video from iGyaan that shows Nokia Belle on the Nokia 701. This time with commentary, this is more of a review of the phone, but it’s great to see the OS forming part of a full review. The Nokia Belle discussion starts at 08:30, and it’s described as…

‘really nice and it…performs really well…a huge improvement’

Are you looking forward to Nokia Belle on your phone? Have you already got it on a C7 or 701? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment, sending a 140 character message to @Nokia_Connects, or any other innovative way you can think of…