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LAS VEGAS, NV, United States – CES was a huge event with lots of news coming out each day of the conference.

One interesting story out of the world’s largest consumer electronic show was that of Joe Komar, a T-Mobile sales lead who was hosted by Nokia during the conference.

Joe was brought to CES and was able to experience some amazing experiences including a few fun parties, a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon and meeting notable Nokia executives along the way.

Joe and Chris Weber

All the while, Joe Komar fell in love the Nokia Lumia 710 and judging by his tweets, he remains an engaged 710 user to this day.

During the week at CES, a production crew followed Joe around during his escapades and now the video has been published, available below. ┬áIf you watch closely, you’ll even see a cameo by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop!