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January 31, 2012

Amazing Everyday Challenge: week #3 winner & week #4 theme!

Yo guys and girls, you know the routine by now. We have been inundated at Nokia Connects with entries this week and there are sooo many we feel bad only selecting one winner. But I must stand my ground and be strong, we have a favourite! 

via thetechworldblog

If you’ve not won this week then read to the bottom of this post to find out the FINAL THEME for week four. We asked you for your Amazing Hobbies this week, so what you love doing in your spare time. We received more videos this week and the creativity went through the roof which is great to see.

Some of the entries that caught our eye included Arun Lall playing the Nokia tune on his guitar, Mapstronaut winner Cristian Trohin creatively using his leisure time to express some N8 joy and adventurer Katrien De Mey using a time lapse app on her N8 whilst travelling.

But I decided to hand this week’s prize to a man with a bit of an amazing everyday hobby.

This week’s winner is: Raghav from the techworldblog

Well done Raghav, now according to your entry you love collecting ‘electronic stuff’ as a hobby. So we thought what better way to illustrate your hobby:

You even managed to make a Nokia Connects version which we have honoured at the top of this post. Well done! Let us know in the comments section below or @Nokia_Connects which colour Nokia Purity In-Ear Headset you would like.

A big thanks go to everyone else who took part, you really made the effort last week so why not try again this week for the final push in this competition!

Week #4 Amazing Everyday Challenge

This week’s theme is a simple one, but you can make it as amazing as you like! The theme is You Are Amazing. So we want to see what is so amazing about you as an individual. Here are some members of the Nokia Connects team with their own You Are Amazing entries as a guide.

Here is Tim being one with nature:

Here is Pierre, one of the newest members of our team, being amazing in the sea:

Here is Paul coming second in a paint balling competition with his friends (can you guess which one he is?):

All you need to do is post  the links  to your photos/video in either the comments section below or on Twitter @Nokia_Connects using the Hashtag #NokiaChallenge (we always love hearing about which Nokia handsets you use so please share which Nokia you’ve used to create your masterpiece with). The vote to decide on our overall winner is completely up to our community (yes, that means you!), but in our weekly challenges we’ll decide who has captured the best Amazing Everyday.

You have until midnight on Monday 7th February (London time) to enter the You Are Amazing theme for this week. Head to Nokia Connects on Tuesday 8th February when I will announce the winner and ask the community which has been their favourite winning entry across the whole of the competition.