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January 31, 2012

Dropping the beats on a Nokia – best way to listen

A post for all the audiophiles who read Nokia Connects now – a couple of ways to listen to the tunes that you’ve loaded onto your Nokia phone whether you’re in public or at home.

via Pocket Lint

First up, the Purity in-ear headphones from Monster that SomeAudioGuy picked up at CES – with their ‘clean and modern design’.

Some of the highlights from the video (in which he makes several comparisons with other headphones) include the ‘pretty great audio quality’, the ‘crystal clear mids and highs’ and the ‘open and even balanced sound’. He even ends with a shout out to the Nokia BH-905 headphones. Good stuff!

For a more complete unboxing, there’s this video from MyNokiaTek – awesome.

The Nokia Purity headphones are great for when you are out and about on the street or on the bus, but what about when you’re at home and want to listen a little bit louder?

How about the Nokia Play 360 speaker? This video is from our friends at Beste Product and yes, it’s in Dutch (I’m thinking some of you will be able to follow it), but hey, you get a great idea of what Paul Gersen is saying from how he handles the speaker, and you can hear the sound quality for yourself.

How do you listen to music on your Nokia? Let us know the best audio solution you have come across in the comments, or via @Nokia_Connects