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January 31, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 – the epic review

Yes, I went there and used the ‘epic’ word – I don’t bust it out that often, it takes something really special for me to drag it out of the Nokia Connects cupboard, dust it off and use it, but this Nokia Lumia 800 review from Aliqudsi is well worth the effort.

He breaks down the review into handy sections, and I suggest taking a break between each to get your thoughts straight. First up is the unboxing (yes, it’s that kind of review – we like). His first impressions of the build quality stand out for me

‘Even though the 800 is made of polycarbonate…Nokia still have managed to make it feel amazing. I fail to understand how this feels sturdier than me Aluminum bodied N8 but it does, it feels more compact’

To get the nod over the N8 is saying something, and the comparisons and opinions continue from there. Sprinkled with videos and images, Ali continues through setting up the Nokia Lumia 800, and the difference between tiles and widgets. As with the rest of the post, he picks out where there’s room for improvement (like the fact that it’s hard to tell whether the phone is on once the screen is in standby mode) but does point out that

‘Windows Phone distinguishes itself from other OSes by bringing your contacts to life, on WP contacts stop being names on your phone and become ‘people’; hence the People Hub, which combines all your accounts from Google, Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter all in one place to keep you updated and constantly linked.’

And there’s more (so much more!). The camera is covered, the media playback, apps, gallery, ‘Miscellaneous’, it goes on…

Like I said at the start of this post (which is dangerously close to running as long as Ali’s review), it’s worth setting aside some time to read this, as well as the comments and observations that come afterwards.

I’ll wrap up by including this line from Ali

‘if you want to upgrade your phone to something more modern with an OS that’s silky smooth and a beautiful yet strange UI then THIS IS the phone for you.’

Enough said. If you want to join the conversation, leave us a comment, or drop us your thoughts @Nokia_Connects