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Get healthy and fit

GLOBAL – If you’re like me you might be still suffering the consequences of December’s holiday indulgence, combined with seasonal flu and cold weather hibernation. In other words, last week our boss Ian rang up and asked me if I was puffing because I’d been running up the stairs when I’d only moved slightly in the chair to answer the phone.


Clearly, it’s time to take action.  


Luckily Nokia caters to our health and wellbeing with a range of apps across all platforms. So there’s no escape, regardless of whether you use a Lumia, Symbian or Asha. 



If you’ve got a Nokia Lumia smartphone try some of these apps:


Livescape app

Livescape – You can count your steps with the pedometer, monitor calorie intake, calculate your BMI and even check fertility with this app. It makes full use of Live Tiles, and you can set up multiple profiles. 


FitLife620 – If Livescape has left you depressed about how bad your fitness really is, use FitLife620 to plot the road back to health. This app is your gym buddy – helping you to create custom work-outs, with detailed photos and descriptions. So, get pumping some iron.  


Indian Yoga – It’s not all about grunting and lifting weights. You can tap into spiritual and physical wellbeing with the Indian Yoga app that spells out the 12 steps of the Surya Namaskar yoga routine, and how to do it without getting a hernia.


If you’re using a Symbian smartphone try some of these top-rated apps:


heart rate

adidas miCoach – You can track your workouts and get real-time audible coaching from this app. That might be a little daunting, or it might give you the motivation to keep going!

Heart Rate Monitor – This is a simple app that allows you check your heart rate. Just tap the screen a few times and you can see how fit you really are…

 Wellness Diary Beta – Health isn’t just about running up steep hills, its about what you eat, how much sleep you get – and dealing with stress. You can keep track of all those things on a daily basis with this app.  

These are some popular apps Series 40 users are using to improve their health and fitness:



Efoodguide – If you don’t know a carrot from a plate of French fries, this app helps you slim down with ideas for fresh, tasty and healthy food. It’s got a good section of frequently asked question, and a recipe range too.



Run Tracker – You’ve established that your BMI is dire, and you need to start running to get back in shape. Using this app you can track your route, check your pace and  then post the results straight to Facebook.


MyGlucoHealth – If  your health is already a  concern, and you have diabetes, this app allows you to manage the disease with your most recent blood sugar test results, and details of fitness, weight, exercise and nutritional data.


My fitness regime starts next week – I’ll keep you posted on what apps have been most useful.

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