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360Cities takes a wider view with Nokia Maps

GLOBAL – If you use Nokia Maps on your Symbian smartphone, you’ll probably know that it has some additional features that enrich your traveling experience. 360Cities is a new addition to this feature-set, bringing the Web’s largest collection of geo-mapped panoramic photos right to your fingertips.

To put that large collection of images into context, they cover 82 countries and each country has more than 50 different panoramic views. That’s at least 4,100 images delivered to your Nokia smartphone. Now, if you ever plan to visit a major city somewhere on the globe, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you get there.

360Cities editor's picks

360Cities panoramic

To find this new feature, you’ll need to do one of two things. For people using Nokia Maps v3.06, you can access 360Cities from the more tab in the map menu. If you’ve installed v3.08 you’ll have the new widgets that separate each part of Nokia maps. Find the Guides widget or app from within the menu to find 360Cities.

Once loaded, you can browse through the panoramic photos using the editor’s picks, the most popular and the city list. Alternatively, you could just use the near you button to find the nearest panoramic image.

Have you tried it out yet? Let us know what you think of it, in the comments below.