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THE ALPS – Down my first black run of the week, I struggle to maintain control as the Alps are against me, the weather challenges my better judgement, it is literally a ‘white-out’. Luckily my Lumia 800 is here to save the day with my North Face app (available on Marketplace), updating me with live weather reports, suggesting the best attire for the slopes. 



Although it is blisteringly cold outside, I charge out of my apartment with my fleece and salopettes, ready to take on the driving snow. Lumia stopwatch at the ready, I time myself down the ‘Olympique Dames’, the 2nd hardest slope at Chamrousse. Luckily I do not fall and a personal best is saved, time for a celebratory beer! 

Aside from the fog, the snow is perfect, making for adventurous twists and turns. All this extra snow made me want to get some pics, so to get above the fog, up I went to the top of the highest peak in the resort to test my new camera. The test was to capture the scene without getting the glare of the sun. Hopefully you will agree I achieved just that. As you can see, the fog sat over the valley below like the sea of Galilee!


Take a look at my ski apps review. We would love to hear your best and worst ski stories, please comment below.