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GLOBAL – You know what needs an upgrade? Everyday life. And Nokia is rewarding the people who come up with great ideas for giving people’s lives a reboot with some brand new Nokia Lumia 800 smartphones.

Our colleagues on the ideas project website have set their latest challenge in line with the thinking behind our recent campaigns for the Lumia launch.

For the next three weeks, starting today they’re asking readers to come up with their best ideas to inject a little bit of amazing into our day-to-day existence. This week’s question is:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if life was just a little bit more laid back? Live Tiles are the Lumia 800’s solution to making things simpler, letting you discover everything going on in your world at a glance. What would you do to upgrade the everyday by making life easier?

Got an answer? Check that it meets the strict judging criteria:

1. Is the idea rooted in the everyday?
2. Is the idea about upgrading the moment?
3. Is it something everyone can relate to?
4. Is it surprising?
5. Is it social and instantly sharable?
6. Is it creating fun and delight
7. Is it clever?

If the answer’s “yes”, you should head over to the site and submit your suggestion.

If it’s “yes”, but you already own a Lumia, then feel free to give it away for free in the comments below!

image credit: spettacolopuro