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PORTLAND, OR, United States – Americans will be glued to Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday. It’s the most-watched sporting event in the United States, typically drawing in 111 million viewers (one-third of the U.S. population, roughly).

And all over the world, in different time zones, people will be staying up through the night to watch the New York Giants slug it out with the New England Patriots in Indianapolis.

And mobile phone networks will be full of tweets, Facebook updates and text messages about the big event.

According to Harris Interactive, 60 per cent of mobile users plan to look at or use their mobile device at some point during the Super Bowl.

Looking at the younger crowd, 30 per cent of those aged 45 and under plan to watch the game with their phone in hand and about half of users 18 and older plan to check their device up to 10 times during the game.

What the study doesn’t say is how these folks will use their mobile, but most likely it’s to check Facebook or Twitter to see what their friends and family are saying about the game  and the ads that appear between the snaps, throws and huge running plays.

Surviving Super Bowl Sunday in style


Super Bowl Sunday is like a holiday in many American households. You see, professional football in America is the most watched sport and Super Bowl is the culmination of a years’ pride for fans across the United States.

With that, making the food for such a party is a huge deal. However, if you’re armed with your Nokia Lumia, you have no reason to worry.

Just load up Epicurious and see the greatest recipes that are sure to delight your guests.

For Superbowl Sunday, I’d recommend these Epicurious recipes to give your party a kick:


For keeping up with the game and real-time stats, there are a few options available in the Marketplace. However, Nokia’s exclusive ESPN app is the best of the bunch, in my opinion.

I enjoy the ESPN app’s blend of video, news bits, social feeds including Twitter and team-specific information, all available with just a swipe and a click.

And on game day, be sure to check into the ESPN app for the live ESPN GameCast if you’re away from your TV. Actually, even if you’re watching the game, GameCast provides real-time play summaries, stats and other bits every Giants or Patriots fan will crave.


And for those more interested in the commercials of Super Bowl, we all know that YouTube is the best place to see these immediately following the game. If you’re on your Lumia device, which is the best YouTube app out there?

Enter easyTube, a fast and very usable YouTube app for Windows Phone.

One thing I like about easyTube is the app’s ability to share out videos via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Alternatively, if you want to use easyTube to share videos from your mobile, it affords you that ability too.

What are you doing for Super Bowl this year?  Drop us a line from your mobile phone?

Photo credit: CAtkeison