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February 3, 2012

Twitter Tweekly #2: 5 Twitter highlights of the week

Time for Twitter Tweekly #2 to commence. I started this feature last week on Nokia Connects, so if you are a little unsure what it’s all about why not check out numero uno in the Twitter Tweekly series.

via Time

Here are five of my favourites from Twitter this week, hopefully some of this will inspire you to have a productive weekend.

1. First up today we have an intriguing exploration from Lake Vostok, deep beneath the cold nether regions of Antartica. I spotted this tweet from Wired; imagine drilling for 20 years to find a part of the Earth that has never been discovered before. Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it. But for some Russian researchers this could be a fantasy realised.

Here is a quote from John Priscu, an Antartic researcher at Montana University:

“If it goes well, a breakthrough opens up a whole new chapter in the understanding of our planet and possibly moons in our solar system and planets far beyond. If it doesn’t go well, it casts a pall over the whole effort to explore this wet underside of Antarctica. This is a huge moment for science and exploration, breaking through to this enormous lake that we didn’t even know existed until the 1990s”.

via thehighdefinite

Lake Vostok has been trapped beneath the Antarctic for 14 million years and life could well be living down there! Russian engineers are planning on sending swimming robots down to check out the lakes but time is running out for them…….

2. At number two we have Beth Doane, the founder of RainTees. I spotted this young entrepreneur on TrendHunter! Beth set up the organic t-shirt company RainTees when she realised just how toxic the fashion industry was for the environment and millions of garment workers all over the world.

via TrendHunter

For every t-shirt she sells her company will plant a tree in Central America. The business model means that one t-shirt purchase = consumers combating the effects of climate change, the creation of jobs in the US, fair trade and educational support for developing countries.

She donates school supplies to children in endangered rainforests and asks them to illustrate what they see happening around them. The stories are then shared on 100% eco conscious t-shirts and accessories.

3. Here is a story I just couldn’t ignore from Twitter this week. Talk about right place, right time. A graffiti artist hired by Facebook seven years ago to create a few murals in the entrance of the Palo Alto office is set to receive £126million after he opted to be paid for his work in shares and not cash.

via freshnessmag

David Choe was offered the choice of a few thousand dollars or a share stake in the business by the then president Sean Parker back in 2005. He wisely opted for the shares and now looks to pocket an incredible amount of money for a few days work! This guy is one lucky artist.

Here is Mark Zuckerberg trying his hand at graffiti, he is pretty useless if you ask me:

via WalrusTV

4. Next is an Australian company who could soon be starting a turf war in the flip flop world. KUSA are the first organisation to stitch fake turf into the soles of their flip flops! I spotted this on the Metro Twitter feed, apparently KUSA wanted to re-create the feeling of freshly mowed grass, anywhere, at any time. Looks like they’ve achieved the ‘look’ but I wonder what they feel like on your feet?

via Metro

5. Finally. It’s Friday so I want you to stop reading for a second and start watching this music video that has been trending for ages on Twitter (not forgetting 45 million hits + on YouTube). Look, I know you’ve probably seen it already but its worth watching over and over again!

I hope you have a great weekend…..

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**Bonus** Hey BoycottGBorg (re: your blog comments last week), I’ve not forgotten about you buddy. We will have some NFC content coming soon on Nokia Connects, we feel it deserves to be in a separate post!  If you guys have any requests for my next post then please feel free to add them below or @Nokia_Connects.