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February 4, 2012

Nokiapp Showdown #2

We were so impressed at Nokia Connects Towers with Michael and Cj’s Nokiapp Showdown last week that we were clamouring to have a go ourselves, so with a little persuading Paul and I have been let loose to have our say on Twitter apps.

Gravity on the N8

That’s me

Looks like I get first shot this week, so what do I think of Gravity? Let me share some facts:

  • It was the first app I used on a phone to manage Twitter
  • I first used it on an N97 mini
  • The first tweet I sent using Gravity was on the #N97MiniTour

…and I loved it!

The reasons are legion.

The interface is so very, very user friendly. I can have multiple accounts within one app (at the time, this seemed quite far-thinking to me), I can add my location (again, seems standard now, not sure it was then). It’s not the most beautiful interface (it’s not, there’s much prettier out there on other platforms), but it works. It just works. And really, at the end of the day, isn’t that all you want from an app?

So what’s it like to use? It’s really straightforward. Enter your account details, and you’re off. That simple. There’s a few navigation issues (at least for me, I got confused with the swiping vs. back button) but once I got around that Gravity (to steal a phrase from another series here on Nokia Connects) made me smile.

The fact that so many people rave about Gravity means that I am part of a very strong corps of supporters, whatever shiny new apps are put in front of me. I like this.

My scores for Gravity:
Usability 3/5 (sometimes I just find myself in the wrong place)
Design 4/5
Features 4/5
Longevity (would you keep it on your phone?) 5/5
Fit for purpose 5/5

Rowi on the Nokia Lumia 800

That’s Paul

Admittedly I’ve only been using Rowi for a short amount of time. I’m only just about getting to grips with my Nokia Lumia 800, let alone all the cool apps that come with it. I’m part of a younger generation than Tom is though, so it’s only right that I step up and give it my best shot 🙂

The first thing I noticed about this app is that it’s super smooth when you’re using it, like pretty much everything on the Lumia actually. Those of you familiar with this phone will understand completely. It’s feature rich and my favourite feature is the photo sharing, it works just as it should and I’ve have no complaints thus far.

Rowi screenshots via Nokia Gadgets

Another thing is that even the paid version is really cheap, so if you’re serious about using Twitter you shouldn’t mess around, just get the full version and off you go. I recommend you give it a bash, you can always start with the free version!

Paul’s scores for Rowi:
Usability 4/5
Design 4/5
Features 5/5
Longevity (would you keep it on your phone?) 3/5 (I’ve put 3 here because I haven’t used another Twitter app on my Lumia yet and I’m always open to trying new things)
Fit for purpose 5/5

So which twitter app do you prefer? Gravity or Rowi? One we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments or @Nokia_Connects (what we secretly want to know is who wins this showdown)