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In the tunnel

GLOBAL – If you’re not getting enough of NFL this weekend you can now download the NFL Pro ’12 app on your Nokia Lumia.  


This free app has been hugely popular with sports fans, combining news and features that you can read along with listening to radio reports and joining fantasy play-offs.


You can read about, and tag, news and stats for your favourite team, and players.  


The Patriots

If you’re not in Indianapolis in person, you can use the app to pick up live radio streams of the games themselves. That’s also good news if you’re not spending the season sitting in a sports bar, or at home in front of the TV.   


And if you have this app already you might have expressed a hunch about who’s going to win the Super Bowl by taking part in Fantasy Playoff Prediction. You’ll soon know if you got it right.


The Patriots or the Giants? My eight-year-old friend in Rhode Island says – the Pats! We’ll soon find out.