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February 5, 2012

The Big Debate: single or multiple home screens?

If you missed last Sunday’s Nokia Connects Big Debate you can catch up with it somewhere around here before moving onto today’s.

And with this next installment we say thank you to Steve, who’s participation previously has sparked our next topic of discussion/argument! 😎

Single or multiple home screens?

While the debate was raging in the comments section, with many points of view for both swipe and pressing ‘home’ on the Nokia Lumia phones, the debate was in full swing on Twitter too, where Steve stated his preference for a single home screen instead of the swiping N9’s three. In fact, as you can see he said it’s no less than ‘for the win!’

I’m in two minds about this because while I think using one screen can be a real breeze, especially for a vast majority of people, I still can’t get over how much I like to play around with and customise my own home screens (particularly on my N8). Also, with the likes of the N9 in the mix, I can’t see myself living without an easy-to-access multitasking screen at my disposal. I think I could live with two comfortably, three is probably too much for my real needs but fun to mess around with none the less.

Then again the Lumia’s approach is just so easy. Everything’s there all laid out in front of you, with big bright live tiles for you to press and poke around. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but the whole experience just seems so inviting! I think if I’d never ever had the joy of messing around with and customising my N8’s home screens, I might not miss them so much. Maybe I’m just stuck in my old ways…

I guess the bottom line for me personally, is that it doesn’t matter how many home screens my Nokia has, as long as I can get to what I need quickly and efficiently. The Lumia has just the one and it works perfectly for my needs and the N9 has 3, of which I think two are absolutely paramount when using it.

What are your thoughts on all this though; do you agree with Steve or have your own personal preference? I’d like to know what our resident E6 users have to say on the matter, as you guys have six of them to mess around with. Could you cope with just the one? Get started with telling us your feelings on the matter in the comments section and feel free to spill over onto Twitter as well.