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February 6, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #5

That time again ladies and gentlemen (hot off the back of last week’s most popular MMSM yet), time to take my glass half full Nokia Connects look at Monday morning. Shake off the blues before you knuckle down to the week ahead and take a look at what I found last week to make us all smile.

via the Uniblog

As ever, we start with Star Wars news. Not that I wanted this to become a running theme, but sometimes the cards just fall how they fall (it’s going to be a running theme). So, thanks to Ahards, how about a solid chocolate Han Solo? I think my tastebuds just exploded! In a similar (but less edible) vein, how do you feel about sharing your shower with a miniature made-of-soap Astromech? These are definitely the droids you are looking for. This week, Star Wars-related moulded goods have made me smile.

Bonus Star Wars item – lightsaber sneakers. I am SO getting a pair (UPDATE – they are for kids. I am SO getting all my nephews and nieces pairs).


This site has been doing the rounds this week and it definitely made me smile, so here it is if you haven’t managed to see it yet. A simple blog called Food On My Dog, viral superstardom is almost upon Tiger (the dog).

Don’t worry about feeling sorry for the dog – she gets a treat for sitting still and being good.

For more dog-food-related funnies, this video is very clever (and features bacon). After all, almost 92 million viewers can’t be wrong!!


Picture the scene. You’ve just spent the last goodness-knows-how-long schlepping up the highest mountain on the African continent, all 19,341 feet of Mount Kilimanjaro. You reach Uhuru Peak (nice Star Trek tie in there) no doubt gasping for air in the rarefied atmosphere where oxygen is in short supply. You take in the undoubtedly awesome view. You think to yourself ‘I am the further into the atmosphere than *anyone* in Africa right now’. What’s the next thing you do? Unveil your Nokia logo and pose for a snap, of course 🙂 Ladies and Gentlemen, please remove your hats, be upstanding and give Marko Tomic your best ovation (our latest Nokia Connects ambassador >>)

THIS made me smile.


Quite why anyone would do this, but it made me smile. Attaching a washing machine to a wooden base so it can’t escape, setting the cycle, then lobbing in a chunk of metal isn’t exactly my idea of a fun way to spend Saturday afternoon, but each to his own. Watching the slow and determined way it disintegrates is fascinating, and the final gyrations remind me of a fat guy on a weight loss vibration machine.

via Gizmodo

I guess this falls into the ‘Will it…?’ category. It most certainly did.


And in a new section (which may or may not reappear, depending on how much stuff I can find or you send) – here are a few ‘Quick Grins’

Cute pic of a ‘peering owl’

      – might just be my desktop wallpaper soon.

‘Proof’ of what we’ve known all along – durability.

Buskers, we see them everywhere. On the subway, on the street, in the bin. Wait. What? (thanks to Joe for that one)

A truly worthy attempt to do something with his spare time – to draw every building in New York City. Makes my watching sport and reading look a little lame.

So what has made you smile this week? Leave me a comment (or let me know @Nokia_Connects using the #MakeMeSmileMonday hashtag) and let me know, and who knows, it may well appear in next week’s post (note – Star Wars links will definitely appear in next week’s post). I’m also planning a section with no links, so whether it’s your son making birthday pancakes, or completing a to-do list ahead of time, let me know what little victories you’ve had in your day-to-day life. Make me smile.