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February 6, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 – all white with us

News today on Nokia Connects of a new colour for the Nokia Lumia 800 – well, technically it’s an absence of all colour, but we’re not going to get all picky when we have this to look at.

via SlashGear

It seems everyone loves a white phone (it’s a matter of personal opinion, though, I prefer black) and today things are lighting up as the white Nokia Lumia 800 has been launched. The post by our friends at Nokia Conversations highlights the fact that white is a great choice as

‘the smoothly-crafted polycarbonate unibody case perfectly offsets the uniquely curved ClearBlack touch screen’

Over at Endgadget (which also has an awesome hands on gallery) Mat Smith reckons that the white Nokia Lumia 800 has ‘an almost-enamel feel’ while still being made from the polycarbonate material that we’re all familiar with from the black, cyan and magenta versions.

via Engadget

Fudzilla say that the timing (with the cold snap currently happening in Europe) is quite handy and that even after ‘a few hours of shoveling snow, the white Lumia 800 still looks great.’

Over at My Nokia Blog, Aliqudsi has brought the news of the new white Nokia Lumia 800, but the more interesting part of this post comes in the comments, where the phone has been met with universal acclaim

‘What a beauty’ – RiderX10

‘GORGEOUS’ – lordstar


But what do you think? Do you like the white? What about the glossy look? As ever, @Nokia_Connects is the place to share your thoughts, but we like comments too, so let us know below.