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Nokia Belle on Nokia N8

GLOBAL – Yesterday, the Nokia Belle downloads began– the new and improved OS for Symbian users. While this meant that hundreds of thousands of you could update to Nokia Belle, it has left some of you with a few questions. We’ve gone through the feedback you left in our comments section to answer those questions, as well as speaking with Vesa Jutila from Symbian Product Marketing. Don’t forget, you can also check the Nokia Belle FAQ if you have any more questions.

If you’ve not updated to Nokia Belle yet and are wondering why you should, there are plenty of reasons, explains Vesa Jutila.

“Nokia Belle will transform the experience that existing owners of Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7, E6, Nokia Oro and Nokia 500 devices will have been used to on their phone. By migrating to the Nokia Belle operating system and the significant improvements it offers, users will effectively be getting a brand new phone out of their existing handset.”

We think – as do the majority of you – that Nokia has done a great job on releasing Nokia Belle across most of the globe at the same time. However, it seems some people are unable to download in certain countries.

Nokia Belle is specifically tailored to each phone model and variant, which means that updates for some variants are at the moment still under creation. As usual we don’t comment on timelines, but your phone will notify you once the update is available (just switch on the software update auto-check in your software update app). We are also working very closely with our operator contacts to get operator variants tested and approved. Some countries and operators have nevertheless decided to not make Nokia Belle available due to technical reasons. In detail that means, if the information in the availability page states “Nokia Belle not available” the update unfortunately won’t be released for this variant.

We’ve received word today that countries where Nokia Belle is not currently available, might be available, soon. So, keep your eyes on that roll-out list.

We asked Vesa about the availability of Nokia Belle.

“Yesterday, we started to offer Belle downloads in more than 120 countries, and we are happy that many consumers have already downloaded Nokia Belle and are pleased with what Belle can offer them. We are working hard to get Nokia Belle available in more countries and for more variants as soon as possible, including Nokia 500. The schedule for that device is a bit different due to its technical specifications, and we will share more information once Belle is ready for Nokia 500, within the next few weeks.”

This means that Nokia Bells for Nokia 500 is coming, but Nokia can only release it as soon as it is ready. We’re sure you can appreciate that.

Nokia Belle on Nokia N8 menu

For those that have checked the roll-out status list, you’ll have seen that certain product codes are listed along side phone model numbers. This lets you know if you can update, or not. Some people are concerned their product code isn’t on the list. We asked Nokia this question and got the following information:

We are constantly adding more product codes to the Availability page.

You can also switch on the software update auto-check in the software update app on your phone that will notify you as soon as an update is available.

We also asked about the widgets that were spotted in previous Nokia Belle videos, such as the weather widget.

The widgets included in Nokia Belle are the same across all devices, and thus the Nokia Belle update for N8, E7, X7, C6-01, C7 and Nokia Oro includes the same widgets as the Nokia 700, 701 and 603 launched last year with Nokia Belle. Unfortunately, the weather widget is not available on Nokia Belle as it was a concept that was in the end not included in the final software version.

Some people owning older Nokia phones, such as the Nokia 5800 or Nokia 5230 are asking if they can update to Nokia Belle? The answer is clear.

Unfortunately, Nokia Belle is available only for Nokia N8, E7, X7, E6, C6-01, C7 and Nokia Oro (and Nokia 500 soon). We regularly deliver software updates to all Nokia phones to give you both performance improvements as well as additional features.

We hope this answers some of your questions. We are working on provideing more.