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February 9, 2012

Future Tech – what would your perfect app do?

Here at Nokia Connects, we’re always thinking of the future (definitely not daydreaming, no, nope, no way), and this week I was idly wondering what would make my life more amazing if I had an app that would do the task for me.

A look at an AR app I wrote some months ago

In an ideal world, I’d just have to merely think of these words and they’d appear on the page. Or dictate them into something like Vlingo and that would speak to my laptop, which would speak to the server and magically write the post itself. That can’t be that far away, can it?

Looking back just 4 years, this post on Read Write Web gives an awesome indication of what the world of 2008 thought was possible (yes, it’s for the other guys, but the principles apply to all phones) – physical browsing and digital buying? Check. Payments by phone instead of credit card? Here for some, on the way soon for everyone else. Reality tagging? Yep.

We’re already well on the way to total social integration with apps like FlickrUp, Nokia’s Social Networking Client, writing posts from your phone using a WordPress app. But what about other, more physical options? What does the future hold? An app that knows when you’re close to home and thirsty, so boils your kettle and has a cup of tea waiting when you walk through the door (location, biometrics and integrated homeware all in one)? One that senses you are tired at the wheel, depending on the time of day, takes over and drives you to the nearest hotel (location again, some fancy driving tech, credit card)?

via Ubergizmo

Well, we’re going to let you decide. It’s over to you, the loyal Nokia Connects community. Blank slate, clean page, no restrictions – let us know your wildest ideas in the comments and we’ll try and mock up the best suggestion 🙂 Remember if you have what you think is a winning idea, there’s always the Nokia Developer pages.