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February 10, 2012

FlickrUp – best photo upload app yet?

A couple of guys have taken a look at FlickrUp over the past couple of days, and here at Nokia Connects there’s nothing we like more than keeping you up to date with all the latest goodness for your phone.

You’ve taken your pic, now it’s time to upload it with FlickrUp (via All About Symbian)

Here’s a taster at what it looks like below, but what can it do? David Gilson has had a play and shares his thoughts at All About Symbian. It’s a great walk through of what greets you once you have the app installed and David covers commenting on photos, which he thinks

‘really helps FlickrUp shine as a social application rather than just an image browser’

He also covers the process of uploading, and the fact that the screen for doing just this is ‘resplendent with options’. This can only be a good thing (although he says it’s possible to fix a standard set every time)

via All About Symbian

There’s quite a bit more to explore, so best have a read of what David has to say.

We all pick things up in different ways. I like to see screenshots and have a nice guide, others just need to know what’s what and find out for themselves. With that in mind, there’s some basic info over at Nokia Gadgets – for those who need to know facts.

It’s free from the Nokia Store for Symbian phones (and the N9) and comes ‘highly recommended’. Go take a look and let us know what you think here in the comments or @Nokia_Connects