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February 10, 2012

Now hear this – Nokia accessories are music to your ears

In my weekly look at the various audio accessories available to partner with your Nokia, today on Nokia Connects I’ll be sharing – ironically – a couple of soundless videos and a written review.

via Dee Kay’s Blog

A write up of the Nokia Play 360 from India and The Hindu first where Ketaki Bhojnagarwala has had a listen. As someone with aging hearing (and never quite being able to tell a sub-woofer from a bass boost) everything I listen to my music on sounds similar, but Ketaki found that

‘bass levels were quite low. Voice clarity was great when I listened to vocal heavy tracks… There wasn’t any major distortion when I pumped up the volume to max.’

The conclusion – ‘very handy device when you’re looking for portable sound.’

Moving on now to the videos I promised earlier, Camb078 must have received the Nokia Purity HD headphones for Christmas, because this video was uploaded the day after, and I’ve been saving it for the perfect time to share. No narration, but a great, clear unboxing.

And finally (as someone once said) some pretty photos set to music of the Nokia BH-905i headphones. I can testify as far as these go, as a make up for the lack of description, that they sound terrific and are extremely comfortable on the head even for extended periods of listening.

What audio solution do you have to pair with your Nokia phone? Are you fan of in-ear or over-ear listening? Let us know @Nokia_Connects, leave us a comment, or set your thoughts to music…