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NFS-HP title

GLOBALNeed For Speed: Hot Pursuit is one of the newest games to arrive on your Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Put on your driving gloves and buckle up as you push the pedal to the metal for some high-speed Xbox Live gaming.

The first thing you’ll notice about this game is the stunning cut scene intro. No waiting for a progress bar or a revolving circle before the game loads, just a car chase that’s unbelievably lifelike. Then it’s down straight down to business.

The icons in the lower left corner of your screen are your options and also where you start the game play. One nice stand-out feature is that you can choose what type of driver you want to be. A cop chasing down the illegal street-racers or one of the bad guys, trying to escape the law.

NFS-HP paint

Once you’ve selected which car you want to drive, by swiping left or right, you can – if you want – take a 360º view of the car by hitting the video icon. Or, you can just get on with it and press the tick to start your drive.

The steering controls are similar to driving a real car. Imagine the phone as a steering wheel. Tilting the phone left or right will make the car turn in those directions. The accelerometer is automatic so you’ve not got worry about that, but for an extra boost, swipe your thumb in an upwards direction to activate the Nitro.

If you’ve chosen to play the cop, you’ve got to stop the street-racer before the time runs out. If you’ve decided to play the law-breaker, you must outrun the police car by any means necessary.

NFS-HP chase

Take cars down and complete missions to earn rewards. The cleaner and quicker the take-down, the more points you earn. So, drive skilfully.

As with all Xbox Live games, the more you progress through the game the more achievements you’ll earn for your Xbox Live gamer profile. Play, compete and reach the top of the leader boards to beat your friends.

Have you tried NFS: Hot Pursuit yet? Download it today for £3.99, or try before you buy.