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It’s time for another round of the Nokia Connects Big Debate, grab a coffee and put down your newspaper, we want your input!

This time we’re talking about the physical vs the digital – is the hardware that comes with our phones (something that can rarely be changed or enhanced) more important than what we can do with software updates, enhancements and apps afterwards.

Nokia Debate

Hardware or software?

I think this debate comes at a good time, with Nokia Belle rolling out across the world people are experiencing just how powerful a software change can be. If you were an early adopter of the N8 or E7 for example, you would have been through a few updates up until this point, Nokia Belle being the largest, most significant (and most awesome) so far.

The N8 and E7 sport a wealth of hardware features; 12MP camera, physical full QWERTY keyboard, USB-on-the-go and HDMI out to name a few between them. All of these things are pretty much impossible to add after the product has been manufactured, so it begs the question what is more important to you?

Obviously when looking at smartphones we want the very best of everything, all the bells and whistles, huge storage, dynamite camera, keyboard, massive high quality screen (you get the idea), but fitting it all into a tiny case at an affordable price will always bring you compromises to consider. This is roundabout the time software comes in, like we have just seen with the Nokia Belle roll out, you can change the whole experience of a phone by enhancing, fixing and tweaking years after a product has been released.

Nokia Belle

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All of that said we have not even touched on applications yet! While you may not be able to add hardware, when you look at the Nokia Store or Marketplace you have tons of options and additions you can make to your mobile. Apps come in many shapes and sizes and are suited to different tasks, they ultimately help you get things done quicker or in a way that better suits you. This is another area that you cannot touch with hardware, if you don’t like where a menu or camera button is you have no option of moving it.

So, what is more important to you and why? Will it be awesome hardware so you can take stunning pictures in darkness with your Xenon flash and 12MP camera? Or will it be thousands of apps at your disposal? Let us know in the comments section what you prefer and give us a nudge on Twitter with any additional thoughts you have.