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February 13, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #6

Monday – a day of dragging yourself from your weekend slumber, hauling your sorry self to your workplace, sitting at your desk in your office (or front room, if you’re me) in a foul temper with the prospect of five days of work (or a big smile if you work at Nokia Connects), until you open this page and I put a smile on your face. 🙂

via Forums Extreme

I promised you Star Wars whenever possible and Amanda gets props this week for providing a link to a page of rather amusing photos. I say page, upon closer inspection there are THREE!! I strongly suspect at least one of these will be appearing as a wallpaper on at least one colleague’s Nokia. These pictures made me smile, especially the rather clever use of a fluorescent light tube above.


I like to cook. It makes me smile (when it goes right). I like to think I’m a level or two above the Easy Chef, but you’ll have to ask those who have suffered been served my delicious culinary efforts to see if they agree.

‘We’re all about full power – I am, I know you are’

What didn’t make me smile too much was that annoying pen/mouse/cursor affair. Bad times. Bad, bad times.


Continuing our ‘Machines go wild’ series (see Washing Machine vs. Brick from last week’s #MakeMeSmileMonday), we bring you the concrete flattener (?) going rogue:

via rihtar

Quite what the construction workers were thinking as they tried to tame the beast with a bucket of water and a big stick, I don’t know, but watching them made me smile. The commentary from what could potentially be the bosses of the site is also worth listening to: ‘Now it’s mad AND blinded’. Thanks to the bizarrely named General discussion forum for this one – if the video doesn’t make you smile, that name should!


Heads up to another colleague now, who will no doubt be smiling when she sees what knitting needles are capable of. In space!

Not only are astronauts heroes, jet fighter pilots and heroically brave, they are also outstanding physics teachers. I’m sure I’d have paid more attention during lessons at school if they were taught by a spaceman instead of a guy who dressed entirely in shades of brown. Every. Single. Day. I feel the guys on the N8 Producers zero G flight last year missed a trick…

This video most definitely made me smile and reminded me that I still want to me an astronaut when I grow up.


Quick Grins

Ever felt like you are chasing your own tail all day? This cop literally did.

Another washing machine, another brick. Destruction ensues (thanks to Lucas Wyrsch for this one)

Thanks to Greg Bepper for this Tom Hanks-related photo. Get it?

Pranking among teen and early twenties gentlemen isn’t new. It’s been around for ages.

I 100% was going to buy this NCC Starship Enterprise coffee table until I saw the price. Pass the matchsticks and superglue! [thanks to Joe for the last two]


As promised last week, the ‘section with no links’ – heart-warming vignettes from your lives that made you smile.

Krishnendu Dutta – ‘Last night my 3 year old son declared that “He has all the knowledge of the world so he does not need to go to the school”. This made me smile :)’

Leon De Silva – ‘I always smile in the presence of people that can recharge my emotional battery. Happens often enough to keep me alive.’

Secunoid – ‘I smile when my kids are having fun.’


So what’s made you smile this week? Leave us a comment or let us know @Nokia_Connects using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag.