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February 13, 2012

Social Media Week 2012 begins!

The fourth year of Social Media Week is here. As the global headline sponsor of #SMW12 we are going to bring you all of the best social news from around the world at each high profile city location. Think Hong Kong, Hamburg, Singapore, Sao Paulo, TokyoTorontoLondon, San Francisco and New York! Nokia Connects will be there…

via SocialMediaWeek

Let me start with some figures from the SMW Realtime Infographic. There are 192 Social Media Week events taking place across the globe today, this week there will 1,020 events in total and 89,450 people have registered to attend them at 483 venues. Currently leading on Twitter is the Tokyo SMW activity, closely followed by New York and Paris!

via SocialMediaWeek

Social Media Week is a global multi-city event that explores the global trends currently prevalent in social media. In Hong Kong alone this week there will be 40+ discussions exploring subject matter like Twitter dating, social media strategy and mommy blogging. Later on today we will be bringing you some reaction from each of the biggest venues around the globe. Here is a full list of all venues:

Some of you might be wondering what exactly Social Media Week 2012 has in store for us all and what some of the core themes are this year. Well here is a video that will hopefully answer some of these questions. This year it is all about empowering change through collaboration:

via SocialMediaWeek

If you are on the ground at any of the events in your local city then please let us know about some of your favourite sights and sounds @Nokia_Connects! For more information about #SMW12 (so far 20,824 people have tweeted it) please head to the homepage for a full schedule of events at each location.