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GLOBAL – Chances are, if you are reading this, somebody shared it with you on Twitter or Facebook and you’ll know that Social Media Week has arrived in 12 cities around the world with over 1000 events taking place.

And people working for sponsors Nokia are getting involved at every level, from launching Symbian and Windows Phone apps for the event, to speaking on some of its most influential stages.

Running from today until Friday, Nokia will be hosting several activities in the five key cities of New York, London, San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong. And you can check for events near you or follow them via your favourite social network from the website.

Social Media Week app

Social Media Week is your chance to have your say in perhaps the most crucial debates about our online life today.

Nobody knows the importance of social media to a mobile business better than Nokia’s Valerie Buckingham, Head of Nokia Americas Marketing, who was sharing her insights in a New York keynote today.

She spelled out the challenge facing global businesses engaging with the social curve.

“As a mobile phone provider to consumers globally, Nokia’s social media must address a broad spectrum of users from the tech savvy of the Western world to those in emerging markets,” she told Nokia Conversations.

Social Media Week RealTime

“When we talk about social media, it’s impossible to understate the importance of authenticity. We need to evolve from ‘corporate’ type discussions to more personal engagements with fans, friend and followers.”

Ranked among the top four brands in social engagement and one of the top 50 branded Facebook pages, Nokia is well positioned to drive Social Media Week.

Journalist Nicky Yates says of Nokia’s involvement: “We talk a lot about our sponsors and partners taking an active role and being industry leaders. None are leading by example more than our global headline sponsor, Nokia.

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“Returning for the second year, we admire their incorporation of social and company focus on social engagement and listening. Not only are we excited for what they can share with all SMW12 attendees, but also for what we learn from them through our partnership.”

In an interview with Nicky, Craig Hepburn, Global Director, Digital & Social Media at Nokia, said: “Social media has had a huge impact on the way companies interact with their consumers. The social media space is where an increasing number of our consumers spend their time, engaging with friends, family, colleagues and their favourite brands.

“Our ambition is to ‘Socialize Everything’ at Nokia and to become one of the most socially engaged brands by building authentic, interactive and human relationships between our employees and consumers. We feel we are well on our way in that journey and have recently shown through our recent Lumia campaign launch and social media strategy that Nokia are one of the most socially engaged brands in the world.”

A great way to stay in touch with events is SMW RealTime, powered by Nokia and presented by The Guardian newspaper.

It’s a five-page data dashboard, pulling all the real-time data from Social Media Week globally and locally. Not only does it track official hashtags on an event, city and global level, it also looks at trends, largest contributors to the conversation, Foursquare checkins and a daily poll. Enjoy.