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Nokia Belle

[in -post-social]Unless you’ve been hiding under a virtual rock for the last few days, you’ll have noticed that Nokia Belle has started rolling out worldwide (as Paul reported on Tuesday), and I’ve been scouring the news and reviews to bring you loyal Nokia Connects readers the choicest highlights.

Jay took a poll over at My Nokia Blog where he asked his readers what they thought of Nokia Belle so far. The results are very interesting. A staggering 75% of those who voted gave the update 7/10 or higher, with a healthily impressive 47.5% grading it 9 or above (numbers may have changed by the time you read this – it’s not my dodgy maths). That’s a lot of happy people.

The comments are perhaps as interesting (if not more so) than the figures:

‘I had 38 apps open on my N8 yesterday, that’s amazing!!…the battery seems to be a lot better too’ – DM

‘Belle update is great, i feel like i have a new phone.’ – RVM

‘The N8 feels right with belle’ – dss

There are, of course, some tweaks that people have requested. It’s worth reading all the comments to see what they are.

Symbian Apps has produced a video (with a funky soundtrack that made me feel a bit like being in an elevator in a mall) showing the various aspects of the update on his Nokia C7:

What do you think of Nokia Belle? Got your update yet? Let us know what you think in the comments, or if you have something shorter to say share it @Nokia_Connects