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February 14, 2012

Ystävänpäivä! #NokiaValentine

If you are confused by the title, you might want to look back at our initial Nokia Connects post about Ystävänpäivä.

Today is the day where we celebrate friendship along with Finland. Yes, not romance but friendship! We asked you all to write about one of your friends, fellow community or family members for this unique day. Now we’ll share our favourite story with you…

Our favourite story was from Ali, from mynokiablog, who didn’t just single out one of his friends, but proceeded to celebrate the whole Nokia community! We found this particularly moving considering he’s never physically met any of you, so it’s a great illustration of how closely knit the community is.

“I joined this blog less than 4 months ago, yet I feel completely at home; if I had to choose an online community to be friends with all over again without a doubt it would be the Nokia/Nokia fans/Nokia Bloggers community, the support and well wishes you have for each other (turning a blind eye to favorite OSes today) and the fact that you’ll always find someone willing to answer a technical question in the comments section is simply amazing”

That is all before he does actually go into details about the founder of mynokiablog and who he would pick (although admittedly a very tough decision) from his Twitter followers.

“On Twitter I would have to pick @StephenQuin58 who is truly one of the nicest, funniest and all around amazing people I’ve ever gotten to know; also known as CarMan on the Nokia support forums Stephen’s always willing to help a fellow out through a Nokia problem”

Happy Ystävänpäivä guys and thanks for sharing with us, Ali 🙂

If you haven’t written about one of your closest friends yet, there’s still a few hours left so feel free to drop them a message in the comments section our reach out on Twitter.