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February 15, 2012

Nokia Connects top 5 social media apps

Social Media Week kicked off this week, so it’s only right that we share with you our top 5 social media applications.

via whatleydude

1. Spotify

We all love music so Spotify definitely deserves top spot on this list. Founded in 2006, Spotify rushed to popularity with its ever-extending catalogue of streamable music. Last year we saw Spotify join forces with Facebook and then become available in the States too. Put that all together with an application for your Lumia and we have a sure winner.

2. Seesmic

This cute little Raccoon belongs to Seesmic, a platform not so much dissimilar from Tweetdeck. But where Seesmic’s power truly lies is with its integration, supporting not just the big networks but almost 100 different third party platforms too. And with Seesmic available on your Lumia phone, you can see why we think it’s top draw.

3. HootSuite

is probably one of the most widely used desktop apps to manage one’s Twitter feeds. The app comes with a wealth of different configurations and also supports several other popular social networks including, LinkedIn, Facebook and Foursquare. Its built-in features such as post scheduling and customisable analytics make it a very attractive tool for both business and pleasure.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a fairly new platform that went absolutely bonkers in terms of growth after its inception in 2010. It calls itself a ‘virtual pinboard’, which lets you share and arrange all of the things you find ‘beautiful’ on the web. It’s a great place to discover new things too because you can look at other people’s pinboards who share your interests. If you are a Pinterest user, make sure you look up the mobile app for your Lumia!


Finally we pick our favourite app to edit and share photos. MOLOME is a stalwart application for Symbian users who want to add a few effects to their pics and share them across a range of social networks. It might not be a heavy hitter like some of the others listed here but we love it all the same! If you are unfamiliar with MOLOME you can try it free from the Nokia Store.

That’s it for our top 5 social media apps. Are you using any of these or have you learned something? Or even better, if you have something to teach us, drop your top 5 in the comments section and don’t be shy about getting in touch with us via Twitter.