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Nokia Lumia 710 on T-Mobile

PORTLAND, OR, United States – I was lucky to be among the first in the United States to get a Nokia Lumia 710 just before my trip to the Consumer Electronics Show. Now that I’ve been using the device for a full month or so, I continue to be a happy Lumia 710 owner.

First off, this device is a very capable smartphone. The feature set including the ample 5 megapixel camera, super fast access to T-Mobile’s 4G network, and ClearBlack Display makes this phone stand out and perform for me every day.

One facet that continues to amaze me with the Lumia 710 is battery life. Other phones I’ve used that are T-Mobile 4G capable have had issues making it a day on one charge, but the Lumia 710 goes there and beyond. Under lighter usage, I can go two days on the Lumia 710. Even on my heaviest days of emails, SMS and calls I can get a day and a half, which is fantastic.

Even though the Lumia 710 is the ‘little brother’ compared to the 800, this device gives up nothing in performance. Windows Phone seems like it was made to run on the Lumia 710, easily gliding through apps and not putting up any hiccups in my usage.

Love for the form factor

Nokia Lumia 710 on T-Mobile

The Lumia 710, for me, is the perfectly sized phone. The 710’s screen, with ClearBlack Display and at 3.7″ shows an ample amount of information without making the phone too large. The Gorilla Glass front is practically bulletproof. In fact, its survived being in my front pocket with keys and change without a scratch.

The rubberized back makes the Lumia 710 easy to grab and hold. When I give the phone over to others for them to check out, they love the device’s look and feel.

People hub – I’m instantly connected

Amongst the nicest features I’m still in love with and use every day is the People Hub. I have this amazing app connected to LinkedIn and Facebook, bringing my family, friends and workmates (former and current) into one central place.

Also, when I want to see what’s going on with an individual, I can see their Facebook status and pictures, alongside our interpersonal commences in one spot – their entry in my phone book.

Easy to show off

I love showing off my phones. Whether it’s to my friends, family or to those while I’m out and about, I love talking about mobile phones. When folks ask about the Lumia  710, they ask about things it can do and the camera and all.

Then, the conversation goes to price and I get to tell them that this phone is available at the T-Mobile store for a mere $39.99, including accessories like a Bluetooth headset and a gel-skin case.  In my experience, people are happy to find this out and a bit in disbelief.

Another selling point for the Lumia 710 is that T-Mobile plans start at $49 including minutes, messaging and a data plan.

What about you? What has your experience been with the Lumia 710?  Sound off below!