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February 16, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 – two stages of the journey

It seems to me that we’ve only been covering the Nokia Lumia 800 here at Nokia Connects for 5 minutes, but there’s already some people who have had their hands on one for longer than certain celebrity marriages last.

via Nokia Inspirations

Steve (a.k.a. Psychomania) has been a proud owner of the Nokia Lumia 800 for two months now and it seems he’s enjoying it. Opening with a confession that he usually gets bored with a phone very quickly, he follows up by the Lumia 800 is

‘the phone I’ve enjoyed the most in recent years and hope to continue using the Windows Phone (WP) operating systems on Nokia hardware for the foreseeable future.’

He backs up his claim by giving the speed of the phone as his evidence, and that the quickness enhances the user experience and makes it more enjoyable. He’s even recommended the phone to others, and is spreading the word daily. There’s more to his thoughts, and hopefully this will turn into a monthly series of updates as he and his Lumia 800 bond further.

The early days of ownership in the Lumia Challenge

At the other end of the spectrum the Lumia Challenge is a revealing insight into the experience and thoughts of an iPhone user who has embraced the Nokia Lumia 800 documenting the day-to-day with the phone. Initial impressions were good, and the handy bullet point format makes it simple for me to pull out a highlight:

‘Windows Phone 7.5 looks like something out of Tron, very minimalistic, but with sleek animations, and my God, this thing is snappy! No lag, no delays, no waiting, just swish-swoosh-swish around the menus.’

After 3 or 4 days, there’s more

‘I can not emphasize how snappy this device is! Moving back to my iPhone to check something made me long for the sleek and fast swoosh of the Metro-UI.’

‘The e-mail client worked just as you’d expect, and push e-mail works flawlessly’

Definitely one to keep your eyes on, and it’s interesting to see that two owners at different stages of ownership are sharing similar thoughts. But what do you think? Have you got a Nokia Lumia 800 and have something to share? There’s always the comments box below, or @Nokia_Connects, both equally valid for sharing your points of view.