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GLOBAL – The innovative Lumia Momentum map shows a wave of awesome launch parties witnessed around the globe for Nokia’s new range of smartphones. Above is the latest one from Poland, in case you missed it.

The release of the Lumia around the world rarely happens without dazzling lights, cascading music, base-thumping DJs and gorgeous women. What more could you want? Gorgeous men as well? Oh, OK, that too.

All the events were a match for any decent outdoor show, but which one rivaled London launch on Millbank Tower, featuring Deadmau5. Did Indian flash mobs catch your eye, did the Polish melted building of light (above) change your mind?

Below are three of the other biggest launch parties from around the world.







Which is your favourite?

Let us know in the comments below.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, here is the original London Lumia Live event.

You can view the Momentum map here. Check back for added news on releases and bonus material from your country and around the world.