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February 18, 2012

Nokiapp Showdown #4

Look out of the window at the weather, now look back at your phone’s weather app – Raghav and Vijay are taking the Nokia Connects Nokiapp Showdown challenge today to see if what the app says matches what’s actually happening in the sky.

Great snap from Raghav showing how accurate the AccuWeather app is compared to video and online forecasts


AccuWeather on the Nokia N9

via Raghav’s Twitter profile

As far as I can remember I always wanted to be an explorer discovering new places and now I’m an Engineering student. My dreams have changed and so does the weather. I need weather forecasts very often and this is where the AccuWeather app that comes preinstalled with Nokia N9 helps. As well as providing weather forecasts for the next 15 days, this app provides accurate forecasts each minute with an awesome graphical user interface.

Another cool feature that I found in this app is the integration with one of the three homecreens found on the N9 so that one doesn’t need to open the app to find quick forecast on the weather. The app has an interesting tab called ‘Lifestyle’ which provides suggestions for outdoor activities and also has satellite and radar maps. It gives updates on wind speed and rain or snow fall too. There is a graph available with which we can have an easy overview of the weather forecasts.

Some of the features that I like in the AccuWeather app:
• Integration with Meego homescreen
• Seamless working with great user interface
• Accurate minute forecasts

With the flexible Meego platform, this app is stunning and does not consume much memory. We can select our region automatically using GPS or also manually input them. All features combine together to evolve into this amazing weather forecasting app.

Raghav’s scores for AccuWeather:
Usability 5/5
Design 5/5
Features 5/5
Longevity (would you keep it on your phone?) 5/5
Fit for purpose 5/5


Foreca Weather App on Nokia X6

via The Techworld blog page

I’ve been a Symbian Smartphone user for years and I love almost all apps on the Symbian platform. The weather is pretty rough these days and I always need to rely on the weather forecast to plan for any activities. I cannot get on to forecasts on the TV news or the newspapers as they are not always handy. When it comes to a smartphone user, he/she always has a weather forecast application on their phone and I’m no exception to this. The Foreca Weather app is my choice on Symbian as they are accurate and reliable.

This app is available for Symbian smartphones, including s60v3 versions, and all you need is a Symbian smartphone to get it installed. Once installed, this app directs to the screen where we can choose our position either by entering co-ordinates or just by typing the city name. This app also uses GPS to find out the position thus skipping the procedure in one click.

The Foreca app provides long forecasts up to 10 days and also a short forecast option where we can quickly skim over the graph to find the forecasts. Though the user interface looks kind of outdated, this app has a feature of providing animated weather forecasts which can be enabled in settings. Besides providing animated forecasts on wind, precipitation and cloudiness, this app has a satellite map which displays animated data on wind directions too. The ‘Favorites’ option allows us to store our favorite places including landmarks.

In short, this app is accurate and reliable. This app is available in Nokia store in two versions – free and paid. The free version includes ads which can be skipped after a few seconds and the paid version is Ad free.

Vijay’s scores for Foreca:
Usability 5/5
Design 4/5
Features 3/5
Longevity (would you keep it on your phone?) 4/5
Fit for purpose 5/5


Both rate their apps highly, but ultimately AccuWeather won out. Do you agree? Which weather app do you choose? Let us know by leaving a comment or put your 140 character thoughts together and send them to us @Nokia_Connects