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February 19, 2012

The Big Debate: do you use protection?

Welcome to the 5th Nokia Connects Big Debate. This time we are going to talk about how we keep our phones protected – or indeed unprotected. When you get a new phone all shiny and unmarked, you’re faced with a bit of a dilemma; “how am I going to make sure this phone stays looking as good as it does for as long as possible without ruining its usability, looks or overall appeal?”

First let’s look at our options. There are phones with changeable covers and phones without changeable covers. That’s simple enough, but there are also many different covers and cases made from all sorts of materials available for your phone, whether it has a changeable cover or not.

Nokia CP-520

This leads me to wonder, “If I could change the cover on my phone, would I use a protective case?'”I wonder because if I could change my phone’s cover I probably wouldn’t need a protective case… I’d just buy a new cover whenever it started to look tired or became damaged, right?

Well it just so happens that I have a phone with a polycarbonate unibody, so I don’t have that option anyway. I have the option of protecting it though, which I decline. My phone is magenta and very striking, so I don’t want to put a case or cover on it, no matter how great or little it effects the appearance. The whole point of my magenta phone is that it catches the eye of people around me.

via facebook taken with an N8

I think the only time I’d use a case would be if I was going on an adventure like Marko above, where I’m likely to be having it out of my dextrous palms and in front of my face more often than not, while I’m taking lots of pictures and capturing videos.

What are your thoughts on protecting your phone? Do you bother with a protective case or cover, or do you ‘dig’ scars on your mobile? If you have a changeable cover do you protect it with a case as well? Or are you like me and prefer the natural unadulterated aesthetics of your phone to be on display at all times, no matter the cost?

Let us know in the comments section and give us a shout @Nokia_Connects with #NokiaDebate too. And if you use a protective case show us a picture of it!