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GLOBAL – The Nokia Store is where you’ll need to go to download great games or apps on any Symbian powered smartphone. To make sure this process is as smooth as can be, the Beta Labs team have released their latest update. On top of that, Nokia Drop receives an update, too.

For all the number junkies out there, the latest release of the Nokia Store is version 3.22.053 (the previous one is 3.22.044).

When it comes to added features, or a new glitzy UI, well, there’s none of that in this new update. All the updates have gone on behind the scene to fix bugs and align it with the latest Nokia Store back-end.

What’s meant by alignment? Steve Litchfield from AllAboutSymbian explained it really well when he wrote about the update:

“By ‘alignment’ with the ‘back end’, Nokia means that the functionality at the client end better matches that available in its custom Store server software and databases”

As for Nokia Drop, it’s a great way of getting content from your computer to your phone, just by clicking a button on your PC screen. So no cable or Bluetooth connection is required. The content is pushed to your phone and received via whatever data connection you’re using.

With Nokia Drop you can perform some really useful tasks. You can change the wallpaper on your phone to one from your computer. You could also send a URL to your phone browser. This could be really useful for when you’re reading something on your computer but haven’t got time to finish reading it. Simply push the link to your phone for reading later.

Another great feature is the ability to send a Nokia Maps location from the Web to the Maps mobile client on your phone. This makes navigating anywhere really easy.

This new beta release includes some extra features for Nokia Belle users. Integration to the status panel makes using Nokia Drop quicker and easier.

Have you updated Nokia Store or Nokia Drop betas from the Labs, yet? Let us know, using the comments below.