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LONDON, United Kingdom – Fashion shows . . . New York, Paris, Milan and Shanghai, so many catwalks to cover, but unless you are part of the industry you can’t hope to be at them all in person.

Last week it was the turn of New York. This week it’s London Fashion Week, where Stella McCartney went down a storm. Kate Middleton’s favourite label Temperley, House of Holland and Vivienne Westwood were also under the spotlight.

How do I, know this? By spending an hour or so investigating with my Nokia Lumia.

The three main ways to keep up with the fashion curve on your Nokia, apart from selecting a colour to suit you, are via Twitter, YouTube and apps. If you follow the right people on Twitter, you can capture all of the looks way before they hit the shops. The best tweets come complete with pictures. There’s even a site devoted to the top catwalk chirps.

Fashion tweets

The fashion channels on YouTube are also a great way to get  an idea of what is on trend at the big shows. Catwalkqueen.TV have particularly cool clips that work well on your mobile because they are so short, as well as being very informative. But there’s loads of other channels to explore, including Fashiontv which features everything from high fashion to lingerie and swimwear. You can also find big publications at YouTube such as Vogue.

Another way of checking for fashion news and tips is from within an app on your Nokia smartphone. Such as:

E! Red Carpet, £Free

When it comes to red carpet events, E! is always on scene to bring you the latest gossip of celebs around the world. E! is also a good source of who’s wearing what, with lots of photos to prove it.

E! photos

E! bonus

Fashion Daily, £Free
Receive daily updates on international fashion with lots of glossy photos. If you see something you’d like to buy, you can go on to buy it from an online store or be directed to the nearest story.

360 Fashion, £Free

Using many different sources, this app collects fashion information from bloggers, writers and brands from a variety of different channels.

360 fashion stories

360 fashion photoreport

ELLE Quiz, £Free

Are you a fashionista? Or do you have a penchant for ponchos? Take the ELLE quiz to find out what works well for you across the different seasons. You’ll pick up some great tips along the way, too.

Clearly, smartphones are a great way to spread the news from the big shows. And shopping apps and sites, make it simple to buy the finished product. But  phones are also a key tool for the copycats. All it takes is for someone to send a few pics of the latest outfits to a factory anywhere in the world and some of the looks can end up in the shops virtually before the final curtain call at the show.