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February 20, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 – 'achingly beautiful'

I stole that headline wholesale from Martin Carstens at Gearburn, and I’m not ashamed of it, in fact I’m proud to be able to ‘recycle’ it.

via TechnoBuffalo

Martin gets emotional when discussing the Lumia 800 (and why not?) and goes into the details of showing it to his friends and colleagues, and the reactions it got on first look:

The Lumia 800 is Nokia design at its finest. Nokia fans would hardly be surprised, the Finnish company is a master at design. With its unibody polycarbonate design, the construction feels rock solid.

There’s more to his review than just drooling at the looks, though. Martin reckons the Lumia 800 has ‘one of most responsive touchscreens I’ve ever used’ and says the colours remain visible even in direct sunlight and through smudges. There are some small gripes (aren’t there always?), as Martin thinks higher brightness and higher pixel density would have improved the overall screen experience.

There’s so much more to share from Martin’s review (and the reactions in the comments), and I won’t spoil any more of it, so head over and have a read.

But that’s not all….there’s also another Nokia Lumia 800 review that deserves your attention today. It comes from Gerrit Vermeulen of My Broadband, and he has good things to say about the design with a slightly different minor niggle. Read his thoughts on battery life, and then if you agree with what he has to say, or if you have a completely different experience, let him know.

And if you have any thoughts to share with us on the Nokia Lumia 800, please do so @Nokia_Connects, or leave me a comment (I like reading your comments).