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February 21, 2012

Here comes the sun! Maslenitsa comes to London

Springtime is just around the corner, and here on Nokia Connects we’re celebrating by heading down to Trafalgar Square for the Russian Sun Festival of Maslenitsa on Sunday 26 February. Here’s why you should do the same…

via tkamenick

1. Banish the winter blues – It might have been a long hard winter, but the end is now in sight and it’s time to say “Zdravstvui Maslenitsa!” to Spring as only the Russians can.

2. Food – As well as heralding in the Spring, Maslenitsa also marks the beginning of the Christian period of Lent, which means that feasting and eating are high on the agenda. In fact, the Spring festival is also known as Pancake week, Butter week and Cheesefare week (depending on whether you prefer pancakes, butter or cheese, presumably). All this means there will be lots of yummy Russian food to try, including traditional blini pancakes, beef stroganoff and Russian pastries.

3. Music – According to the festival website, an all-singing, all-dancing showcase of performers has been planned for Sunday’s festivities. So if you fancy sampling some of the finest pop, rock, dance, jazz and folk music Russia has to offer, this is the place to be! You might even catch a performance from these lovely ladies…

4. Fun for all the family – Whether you’re eight, eighteen or eighty, there’s bound to be something to tickle your fancy. After all, who doesn’t love a party?

5. Cultural connection – It’s not every day you get to participate in an ancient pagan festival from the East and learn something about Russian culture at the same time. There will also be market stalls and bazaars exhibiting and selling traditional handicrafts and souvenirs.

So why not join in the fun? Are you headed to Maslenitsa in Trafalgar Square? Do you have your own special way of celebrating the coming springtime? Let us know @Nokia_Connects. And don’t forget to send us your photos of the big day!